Why Multiforte? 5 things you might like

1 Kate McCallum and Tony Clark own Multiforte and personally advise clients. We believe to offer a truly personal service, that small is best. So we have places for just 100 clients – that’s 50 clients each.
2 We consider your wealth and your wellbeing. To begin our relationship, we need to know you, your unique values, your goals and aspirations, your past investment experiences, your view of risk, your cherished relationships, and the ultimate uses and purposes of your wealth. We also coordinate your other advisers (like your accountant) so that you have someone providing an overall strategic direction to improve your outcomes.
3 We are a specialist advisory firm, privately owned. We are one of the few advisers with no alignment to product providers, so you can trust us to work in your best interests.
4 Our fee based compensation ensures objectivity and properly incents us to protect and create value for you. We offer a flat fee for advice, not a percentage of your assets. We do not levy commissions on any products, including insurance, which is unusual.
5 We don’t run with the crowd, we do things differently – exploring all investment aspects that will add value to your portfolio. We draw upon the latest research in investment management and financial economics, and access some of the top investment minds in the world. Our portfolios offer results that maximise the returns the market has to offer. In fact, our goal is to significantly reduce uncompensated risks so you have a manageable and successful investment portfolio.