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The gift of a 100-year life

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Celebrating a 100th birthday used to be a rare occurrence.

But right now, there’s about half a million centenarians worldwide. In Australia, about 4,440 individuals are in their 100s.

In just over 30 years’ time, the United Nations estimates there will around 3.7 million centenarians globally.

What does that mean for our lives, our work and how we support ourselves as we live longer?

The gift of a long life brings unexpected complications say London Business School Professors, Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott.  In their book, The 100-year Life, they argue that we must re-think the way we work and structure our lives if we’re going to meet the challenge of longevity and enjoy it.

In this piece, we share their insights on how the patterns of our lives are likely to change, the new stages that emerge in a long life, and what we need to do ensure that our long life is a gift that we can live to the full.