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Want to be a great investor? Get used to being uncomfortable

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Recently, we set off from Kirribilli for a twilight sailing race on Sydney Harbour.

The evening was perfect – warm weather, clear skies and a good breeze.

What we (well, Kate anyway) hadn’t quite anticipated was how strong the breeze was, nor how sizeable the swell.

Within about 10 minutes of the start, Kate (at the front of the boat on the headsail) was drenched – from head to toe – and feeling very chilly.

Now while it would be nice to do a quick change into wet weather gear, when you’re racing, and there’s only two of you on the boat, there’s no time to “down tools” and change your clothes.

You learn that being cold, wet, and uncomfortable is a normal part of racing.

For the thrill of screaming along Sydney Harbour, and for the thrill of wining the race, you choose to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

It’s a pretty good lesson for most things in life, don’t you think? And that includes investing.

If you want to be a great investor over the long run – then you need to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.