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Reprogram for your finances for wealth and wellbeing

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We’re fascinated by the science on body and brain performance – the connection between physical health and psychological performance.

You won’t be surprised to hear that we jumped at the chance to hear Paul Taylor, Director of the Body-Brain Performance Institute. Paul was speaking at this week’s AFA Conference on the connection between our physical wellbeing and our brain – and what we can do to reprogram our body and mind to optimise performance.

Here, we share key insights from his talk – and our thinking on how this translates to achieving wealth and wellbeing.

How to respond to forecasts of a market crash

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The doomsdayers are out again. Can you rely on their forecasts of a market crash?

Let’s start by going back to late 2012. You may recall that the headlines in the financial press were dominated by gloomy predictions for the share markets. Investors were waiting anxiously for the next calamity to occur. But it didn’t happen. The fiscal cliff was averted. The euro zone did not fall apart. China’s economy and the stock market did not crash. Bonds did not implode.

Instead, in 2013 the US market was the top performing developed market in the world in 2013. The S&P 500’s gain of just over 30% represented its best calendar year performance in 16 years and was three times the forecast of the Barron’s survey.

European markets were close behind, with Germany posting gains of a little over 30% in the year. Spain, which in late 2012 was pleading for money to bail out its banks, was the third best performing developed market in the world.

Now, we are not suggesting that the current situation will follow the same pattern.

What we are suggesting is that it is extremely difficult to develop a sound investment strategy on a forecast. We have seen that the media – and even the most highly paid stock analysts – struggle to get it right.

Affording life’s luxuries

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Most of us have something in life that we’re absolutely passionate about. For some people it’s cars or boats, for others luxury is a beautiful home or a beachside getaway. For many people it’s about experiences like being able to go to the theatre or the symphony, or to travel and experience different countries and cultures.

Whatever your passion, and whatever your income, the key to affording more of life’s luxuries is to splurge wisely. Our mantra is to reduce your spending on the things you care little about so that you have more money to spend on things you do care about.

Here’s a few ideas on how.

Horse Shampoo For Healthy Human Hair?

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Horse Shampoo For Healthy Human Hair?

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Moreover the net shops usually supply nice discounts on their merchandise infrequently to attract more prospects and make more gross sales. All these aren’t attainable with bodily stores so they’re expensive then on-line stores. There are two forms of the hair wigs which can be accessible in the market, the factitious and the pure wigs. The general public love to use the wigs that are made up of pure human hair wigs but these are expensive as in comparison with the unreal wigs. Wholesale wigs are crucial supply of low-cost and discounted wigs but it’s not useful for the people because they do not need wigs in bulk. You just have to sit down in front of you computer and browse the web for the wholesale wigs.

Finding the precise supplier of hair products, is one of the best thing which a ladies are in a position to do. Women have current debts obtain good high quality hair weaves or quality lace wigs, as a result of Hair isn’t actually a fashion assertion, it expresses who you might be, in order that it helps it’s much more important to decide on companies which are focussed on offering good high quality service, and quality merchandise for black ladies.

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