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What kind of advice do you prefer?

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It seems many people, like our dinner party guests, have been disappointed with advice. And many are hoping that the Financial Advice reforms, known as FOFA, will fulfil their goals of improving the quality of advice and tackle conflicts of interest for investors.

However, while the reforms require advisers to act in the client’s best interests, and remove product commissions (except on insurance) there are some gaps.

Here’s what we shared with our guests.

What if you had to wait 4 more years to retire?

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How much do super fund fees affect retirement income? The short answer: A lot.

Most investors could be losing 4 to 7 years of their retirement income to fees, according to our analysis. What would that mean to your retirement plans?

Many individuals have their super in their employer’s default fund. And if you’re like most people, you have collected several funds as you have progressed through your career.

However, few people have considered the importance of the critical factor of fees in determining whether they will achieve the ultimate goal of their super – to retire when they wish with sufficient money for a comfortable life.

What are typical super fund fees?