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Following forecasts? Prepare to be wrong

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The investment commentator in a well-respected financial report recently proclaimed, “We’re going to see a gradual pick up in the US economy with a rate of growth of 2.8% this year and 2.9% in 2015”.

Experimental monetary policy (quantitative easing), 300 million-plus people with unequal wealth, sluggish employment growth, shifting interest rates and weather – and they’ve figured it out to a tenth of a per cent?

It’s no wonder that Harvard academic and author of the just-released Fortune Tellers: The Story of America’s First Economic Forecasters, Walter Friedman finds that we simply can’t trust economic forecasters.

5 ways to gain more from your portfolio

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Most investors focus almost all their time and energy on managing their portfolio – picking individual stocks and bonds or funds. Unfortunately that leaves a lot of money on the table.

There are many other critical ways that we improve our clients’ after-tax returns. Here’s five: